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Business Insurance for Architects and Engineers


All Seasons Insurance and The Hartford's innovative coverage options help you solve for the risks you face. 


Designing structures that meet your clients’ needs is at the heart of your business. It’s also            

All Seasons Insurance's approach to business insurance: we design and deliver coverage options that make it easy for you to build a program for your firm’s unique needs. And the flexibility to evolve with you as your business changes. 


Business is full of the unexpected. Some situations present excellent business opportunities; others could drain your bank account and possibly threaten your business’ long-term success. The Hartford’s BOP helps minimize the financial impact of unexpected events by combining these three essential coverages needed by most businesses: 

Business Liability helps protect your business’ assets from third party claims made against your business for bodily injury, property damage or personal injury. It also helps pay for defense expenses and settlements or judgments you’re legally obligated to pay. 

Business Property helps pay to repair or replace the property used in your business that you own, lease or rent from events like fire, theft or wind damage that occur at your business’ location. It not only includes coverage for a building or structure but extends to things like computers, office furniture and other property needed to run your business. 

Business Income (also known as Business Interruption), helps replace lost income if the damage to your business property causes a slowdown or suspension of business operations so you can continue to meet your financial obligations while the damaged property is being repaired or replaced. 


The Hartford offers a wide range of optional coverages, which are easily added to your BOP by endorsement, enabling you to customize a program to your firm’s specific needs. See reverse side for those needed and most commonly purchased by architectural and engineering firms. 

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For a small business, one employee’s absence can be felt by the whole team. If an employee gets injured on the job, you can count on The Hartford to help return that worker to health and productivity quickly. Our claim management programs promote better outcomes, which can help keep medical costs low and have a positive impact on future premiums. 

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1 Telematics refers to the use of wireless device technologies to transmit vehicle use data, in real time, back to a company. Proof of installation/activation and use is required; discount applies to liability, medical payments, comprehensive and collision coverages. Proof includes: service agreement/acknowledgment with telematics provider; user agreement with telematics provider; activation confirmation document/contract with OEM; summary report with telematics information or vehicle diagnostics report based on telematics use. 

2 Customer reviews were collected and tabulated by The Hartford and reviews are not representative of all customers. 

The Hartford® is Hartford Fire Insurance Company and its affiliated property and casualty insurance companies, 690 Asylum Avenue, Hartford, CT 06115. Certain coverages vary by state and may not be available to all businesses. All Hartford coverages and services described on this page may be offered by one or more of the property and casualty insurance company subsidiaries of The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. In TX, this insurance is written by Sentinel Insurance Company, Ltd., Hartford Casualty Insurance Company, Hartford Lloyd’s Insurance Company, Property and Casualty Insurance Company of Hartford, Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company, Twin City Fire Insurance Company, Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company and Hartford Fire Insurance Company. In CA by Sentinel Insurance Company, Ltd. (CA license # 8701) and its property and casualty insurance company affiliates. 

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